• Experience: Seasoned research specialists
  • Research Topics: Ranges, munitions sites, sea disposal / dumping sites, ammunition plants, bomb disposal, and CWM sites
  • National and Regional Archives: Experience collecting data at the National and Regional Archives
  • Data Capture: Archival document and map/chart scanning and cataloging
  • Data Tracking: Maintaining detailed records and database of records searched
  • Database / Catalog Development: Maintaining copies of relevant source data in an organized database / portfolio to serve as a record or to support site administrative records

Download the fact sheet on OHI’s Service Offerings for Archival Research Services.

Our research specialists have decades of experience researching ordnance, military ranges and history and have a keen understanding of the archives.  We know where to look and how to find pertinent historic records and data related to UXO and military training activities.  Our researchers specialize in a wide range of research from historic documents, photographs, maps / charts, to aerial photography.

Our customized research efforts are designed to meet your specific project needs. Searches include: record & document reviews; maps, charts, and aerial photo searches; and personal interviews. Our field staff can augment the archival research with surveys to support the finds.

OHI is based in the Baltimore / Washington, D.C. area within daily commuting distance to the National Archives I and II.  Our researchers also have knowledge of and experience collecting archival data from the Regional Archives.  Let our experts help better define and bound the UXO issues at your site.  From property documentation to full-scale remediation, OHI can support all of your UXO needs.



MMRP PA – Historic Potomac River Ranges

In support of a MMRP Preliminary Assessment (PA) for the Naval Support Activity South, Dahlgren, OHI was tasked with conducting an archival research effort to identify and map former / historic ranges within the Potomac River and its tributaries. Although the project was conducted for the Navy, the scope included all DoD Services / installations and Formerly Used Defense Sites with a history of munitions activities within the water.

OHI’s scope included conducting research at the National Archives and the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. as well as researching available historical records at the various installations along the Potomac.