• Conceptual Design: Engineering analysis and concept exploration through artistic renderings to bring your ideas to life
  • Detailed Design: Robust 3-D design work in Solid Works and Auto-Cad
  • Prototyping: Fabrication of prototype components and systems
  • Test & Evaluation: Systems performance testing against project specifications
  • Documentation: Report documentation & development of technical specifications
  • Engineering Staff: Mechanical and electrical engineers

From conceptual design through 3D modeling and engineering services, OHI provides dependable support. Our mechanical and electrical engineers and CAD modelers utilize advanced cutting-edge 3D modeling and design programs to develop detailed engineer designs based upon project specifications.

Our engineers and designers have direct experience developing and testing tools and equipment for EOD and Special Forces use.  Direct experience includes supporting the Naval EOD Technology Division, the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG), and the Joint IED Defeat Office.

Our engineering and design department also has experience supporting DoD weapon systems and components for DoD including 2.75-inch Rocket Holding Fixtures for the U.S. Navy where OHI is the vendor of record.



Advanced Telescoping Manipulation System (ATMS)

In support of a RDT&E project for the civilian bomb disposal and military EOD communities, OHI designed and developed the prototype Advanced Telescoping Manipulation System (ATMS) to provide stand-off while investigating suspect improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The ATMS is designed for use in situations where robotic platforms and systems cannot be deployed and EOD Technicians must don a bomb suit or similar protective gear and manually investigate a suspect IED. The system also provides a means for EOD Technicians to safely deploy and position investigative equipment such as x-ray systems and to strategically place various IED defeat tools.

OHI successfully transitioned the prototype ATMS into a commercial product for use by EOD and bomb disposal technicians.