The Holley Stick is designed for military EOD, Combat Engineer, and Infantry use. The kit consists of a series of  lightweight carbon fiber modular pole segments that connect together with no hand tools required to provide users with a stand-off distance (up to 9 feet) to deploy a variety of tools against a suspect IED. The system comes with a foam grip handle for easy grip (2-foot).

The system also comes with end effects including an adapter to interface with the EOD Hook & Line Kit and a folding adjustable blade specifically designed for the recovery of buried command wire associated with IEDs.

Telescoping pole (collapsed length 30-inches – extended 6′)


Scabbard Carry Case W/ molle strap webbing

Hook and Line Adapter


Foam Grip Handle (2 feet)


OHI-2000 Kit Contents:

  • Handle (2′ foam grip) – Qty 1
  • Telescoping Pole Segments (with connectors*) 6′ length – Qty 1
  • Sickle Blade Attachment – Qty 1
  • Hook & Line Kit Adapter – Qty 1
  • Softcase 36″ (Berry Compliant) – Qty 1

The OHI-2000 Holley Stick provides a 9 foot standoff when telescoping segment is fully extended.

*Patent Pending

Other Holley Stick Kits are available including the OHI-3000 (w/ modular and telescoping poles) and OHI-1000 (w/out telescoping poles). Note the OHI-2000 kit is a sub-set of the OHI-3000 kit (i.e., all parts are interchangeable).

Blade Attachment

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