OHI was tasked with developing a methodology and framework for assessing risk due to UXO and explosives hazards at former ranges and training areas.  As part of the effort, OHI supported the identification of exposure scenarios for UXO sites and identified characteristics of munition types (e.g., fuzing mechanisms, explosive loads) to support the development of the mathematical structure for a probabilistic-based risk methodology and framework.


OHI provided 100% of the EOD / ordnance subject matter experts for the project and was responsible for providing all of the technical data related to munitions design and functioning. OHI assigned former master level EOD technicians to support the research effort. The methodology, developed in part by OHI, included detailed groupings of munitions types by family / category (e.g., mortars, rockets, projectiles); fill type (e.g., high explosives, white phosphorous, illumination); size (e.g., 20mm projectiles, 61mm and 81mm mortars, lightweight bombs); and fuzing type (e.g., point detonating, proximity / variable time, striker-release).

Project Completed - May 2013