OHI served as the on-site UXO contractor to the shore protection system beach replenishment project at JEB Little Creek – Fort Story Virginia Beach, VA.  The project was sponsored by Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) MIDLANT with a dredging company serving as the prime (i.e., OHI was the UXO subcontractor for the project responsible for providing all UXO support).

The project site was located along the northern coastal portion of Fort Story where OHI provided on-site MEC Construction support during the beach replenishment (i.e., dredging) phase. During the project, sand (approximately 1M cubic yards) from a borrow area with the potential for containing MEC and MPPEH was dredged and pumped ashore to replenish approximately 6,000 linear feet of shoreline.


OHI’s scope included

  1. developing all work and safety plans related to Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) support
  2. conducting in-field verification and inspection of methodologies and engineering controls to reduce the potential for UXO to be caught in the dredge draghead and pumping system
  3. providing on-site around-the-clock UXO Technician field support during dredging operations
  4. handling, processing, and properly disposing of MEC and Material Potentially Presenting an Explosive Hazard (MPPEH) recovered during dredging operations
  5. developing a final technical After Action Report (AAR) for the UXO operations to close out the established Explosives Safety Submission (ESS)
Project Completed - January 2015