• Analysis: Explosives safety analysis including Quantity-Distance (QD) assessments
  • Training: Explosives safety related training and guidance
  • IT Support: Supporting IT applications for explosives safety analysis
  • Ammunition Deports: Assessments and evaluations
  • Inspections / Audits: Providing on-site explosives safety related evaluations

For more information on OHI’s archival research support services, please view the Explosives Safety Services Information Sheet

Our Explosives Safety professionals focus on safety as the primary concern in all projects.

Our qualified team has experience in the following areas of Explosive Safety:

  • developing and managing munitions and explosives related software applications and systems
  • providing explosive safety siting analysis to numerous DoD and Department of Army projects
  • providing explosive safety-related training and computer help-desk support

 From basic explosives safety calculations to full-scale inspections and audits, OHI offers Turn Key Solutions for all your explosives safety needs.



Explosives Safety Siting – Automated Sitting Planning Tool – Port Hueneme, CA

OHI has been selected as a prime contractor to support the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Command Engineering Service Center (NFESC) Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC) under contract N62583-12-R-0702 to provide Explosives Safety Siting Planning Field Support (ESSPFS) for the Explosive Safety Siting (ESS) tool and Automated Sitting Planning Tool (ASPT). The scope requires OHI to provide explosives safety related training to DoD personnel in the setup and use of the ESS ASPT, transforming GIS and installation specific data into the proper formats, providing help desk-type support to various Navy and Marine Corps installations. The contract is a 3-year ID/IQ contract with a ceiling of $1M.