• Experience: OHI has over 15 years of experience developing and marketing EOD / Bomb Disposal Tools and equipment
  • Prototyping: Fabrication of prototype components and systems
  • Test & Evaluation: Systems performance testing against project specifications
  • User Feedback: Turning end user feedback and responses into technology improvements
  • Technical Data Package Development: Full scale drawing and technology data packages describing the technical specifications and aspects of the technology

Employing over 15 years of experience in the field of EOD / Bomb Removal Tools and Equipment, OHI has developed and marketed several specialized tools. From the initial prototyping to the final testing and evaluation, OHI has the capabilities to turn concepts into buildable products.

OHI engineers and modelers have direct experience building and testing tools and equipment for the civilian bomb disposal and military EOD community.

EOD is also an authorized distributor for several specialty tool manufactures as well. Please see the Products Page for more information.

Custom tool development services available based upon your specific project requirements.  Inquire for more details.




The OHI-3000 Holley Stick Kit

OHI worked directly with the Marine Corps to design the hand-held EOD tool based upon specific requirements from the field. These requirements included suggestions from agents working on combat operations in Afghanistan. The OHI-3000 kits were officially fielded in 2013 as a component to the standard IED tool kits across the Marine Corps EOD program (350 units). The Holley Stick is designed to provide EOD units with an increased standoff distance while searching for and responding to IED calls. The Holley Stick also has specialized attachments including a method to search and recover buried command wire from suspect IEDs. For more information, check out the Holley Stick page here.